Lovely Bones FilmingRinger Beorn’s Mom sends in this heads up concerning Peter Jackson’s ‘Lovely Bones’ Production:

I thought some of your website visitors might be interested in this slide show of the Lovely Bones film shoot not far from my home in Chester County, PA (but not close enough for me to sneak over, unfortunately!). [Lovely Bones Gallery]

I work with a few Tolkien Geeks in southern Chester County and we are completely thrilled that PJ is in the neighborhood. We are really hoping that the environment make him think Hobbit – we have a Brandywine River, the mushroom capitol of the world complete with annual mushroom festival in Kennett Square, and some very beautiful rolling countryside with “well-tilled” earth and plenty of hobbit- and dwarf- ready ponies. Lots of creepy, Mirkwood-ish forests and low-lying, potentially troll-infested hills and caves are all within a couple of hours’ drive.

If anyone with links to PJ hears that there is anyone in the crew looking for a place to spend Thanksgiving – send them over, I’m about 3 miles from the film location!