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We’ll it’s been a busy couple of weeks since we caught up with you last, so we thought we’d try a new format – basically telling you more with less words … or short and sweet as they say! Hope you enjoy …

Cool Kong Workshops

Wellington gallery TheNewDowse will open their Becoming Kong exhibition last weekend, and to celebrate are hosting heaps of cool Kong workshops with Weta crew!

Collectibles now avail in UK

Good news for UK based collectors. We’ve made select Weta Collectibles pieces that were previously unavailable now ready for purchase in our UK warehouse.

Kong Book Sold Out!

We’ve sold out of Weta Publishing’s first publication, The World Of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island from our three warehouses! If you want one, you will have to check out our other distributors.

Weta Collectibles secret reveal

Weta Collectibles has just revealed a sneaky teaser of what’s to come next … Could they be on the brink of revealing something big? Why yes they are! Can you guess?

Show exclusive revealed

The show exclusive piece for 2007 that will be available at this years San Diego Comic Con is a miniature version of the Weta Originals ManMelter from the Rayguns range, titled, the ‘Manmelter 3600ZX sub-atomic disintegrator pistol – Miniature Version’.

Forum Blitz Announced

In July, Jane and the Dragon concept artists Frank Victoria and Rebekah Tisch will be blitzing the Weta Forums to answer all those question’s you’re dying to know on how the characters from the series came about.

New Zealand and Australian special offer

We’ve given Londoner’s the chance to get their mitts on an exclusive King Kong Weta Collectibles; American’s the offer to purchase a show exclusive and now we’re running a special competition for our local antipodeans!

Pre-ordering opens for second Raygun

You can now pre-order the second of the Weta Original Rayguns, the F.M.O.M. Wave Disrupter Gun! The gun has many articulated parts and as such should only be operated by adults or very clever children.

New concept art

We’ve revealed exclusive concept art from the crew that came up with the Hellgate: London Weta Collectibles, and the designers that worked on early King Kong ideas and Jane and The Dragon concept sketches – check it out!

Weta’s Body Art Sculptures

Weta Bug reveals the sculptures created for the Body Art Awards, and Senior Prosthetics Supervisor Gino Acevedo gives us his thoughts on the competition.

Jane and the Dragon on the big screen

Jane and the Dragon will be showing on the big screen at Wellington kids museum, Capital E in the school holidays, 9-14 July.

Weta’s special dyslexia project

Earlier this year, we were invited to contribute to a very special project, to raise awareness for the New Zealand Dyslexia Foundation, and in May the sculpture was launched to the world …

The making of Superman

Weta Bug interviews Superman Returns Visual Effects Supervisor Mark Stetson and asks him – how did the crew pull off the VFX?

Secret Kids Project!

Weta Bug discovers a very cool kids project the design team are working on, called ‘Champ the Chopper’.

Meet the Crew

Designer Brad Goff loved working with Christian Gossett on The Red Star series, and for WetaHolics, reveals never seen before pix!

Franklin’s Kong Pressie

Weta Co-Director Richard Taylor was raised in Te Hihi, Franklin, a small town of NZ, and donated a special King Kong sculpture to the special town this month…

Lonely Dog exhibition opens in NZ

Weta Bug schmoozes with the Lonely Dog lovers and reports on the official opening party of the Auckland art exhibition…

San Diego Comic Con

The Weta team will be out in force at the San Diego Comic Con in July. And as Comic Con nears, there will be plenty to talk about for you collectors out there… We’ll be revealing more as Comic Con nears, so be sure to book mark for your Weta News, as it happens.

That’s it from the team here at Weta for now.

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