Middle Earth Idols Promo Art!

Geldorin: writes: Hope I can share my own favorite memory from ORC so far! I read the reports from ORC and wanted to make sure that the girls from MARS were given props for their outstanding presentation at ORC yesterday! The first episode of Middle Earth Idols was shown and it was fantastic! We all loved it!! Just loved it!

The film opens with the host introducing the contestants on a very cool virtual stage. We meet the judges: Kiran Shah, Daniel Reeve, Michael Regina, Grant Wilson, Dean Haglund. The exchange back and forth between the judges was so funny. Denethor opened the show with his love affair of fire, followed by Gimli and a host of other favorite Lord of the Rings characters. Legolas singing “Can’t Touch This” was the overall crowd favorite, along with Boromir, Frodo, Pippin and Eowyn. Very nice dance moves, Rachel! The audience nearly fell off their chairs in hysterics when Gollum sang his duet. OMG!! That was brilliant!!

I laughed so hard that I looked like a raccoon by the time the film was finished! It was a HUGE hit!! The contestants performances were wonderful and the judges were hilarious! Nice work, Mr. Regina for your fine performance, “Big blue eyes…!” The film was everything fans expected it to be and then some. Outstanding work, ladies! Very professional. I just can’t get over how young you girls! Kudos! Thanks once again for bringing your love of LOTR to the fans, as well as your talent and creativity. We all really enjoyed it! Can’t wait to see Part Two on Sunday!! Anxious to watch Episode One again too! It was the PERFECT way to start ORC!!


Patty writes: Having a great time here at ORC 2007 in Burbank! I just wanted to concur with the MEI film review Geldorin submitted to your site! I laughed so hard I cried! Everyone is still talking about their film today! It’s all the buzz! Brilliant and so well made for such young filmmakers!

I would like to correct something Geldorin said, however. She stated we NEARLY fell off our chairs, well I was about thirty rows back from the stage and I can confirm that several people were literally ON THE FLOOR doubled over, laughing! We cried during the funny bits and cried during the moving tributes!

What a talented bunch! TOR.n’s own Xoanon was incredibly funny! Who knew?! Well done! As a big XFiles fan, Dean’s contribution was so freaking hilarious! And, when Kiran started to take his jacket off for a fight, I could barely stop laughing! And, Daniel Reeve had such a comic sense of humor! Loveable distracted Grant too!

The girls nailed this, no surprise. Rachel plays so many parts and is an amazing talent, as is her sister, Ashley, for her editing abilities. How can someone so beautiful looks so butt ugly as Rachel did playing Gollum?? Unrecognizable! Smeagol/Gollum singing a duet!? Classic LOTR stuff that every fan MUST see. I still laugh just thinking about it!

The standing ovation was well deserved. Hats off to the girls at MARS and their wonderful cast & crew for this delightful fan film. It will definitely be a major highlight of ORC 2007 for me and so many other fans.