TheHutt writes: During their TotalHD press conference at CES, Warner announced that New Line was working on the Lord of the Rings trilogy for both HD DVD and Blu-ray. While they did confirm that the titles were in the works, no details were given. A source close to the matter gave us a few details of the upcoming release, these include:

  • Main feature will be a single DL disc on both HD DVD and Blu-ray. (no word if it will be a TotalHD disc (TotalDVD is a double-sided combination of HD-DVD and Blu-Ray)
  • The movies will be the Theatrical Versions of each film.
  • Both discs will be encoded using VC1
  • These will be the first titles to use Dolby TrueHD 7.1 Audio
  • Due to bandwidth constraints, as of now there will be no IME (“In Movie Experience”) like features.