So you still feel a little frustrated over all this PJ/Hobbit-news? Here are some things you can do:

Show us Peter Jackson’s Hobbit: Channel that frustration into something fun and creative! Photoshop, cut and paste a scene, poster or screenshot based on The Hobbit or simply the current situation of the project. Let your imagination run wild! [More]

Peter Jackson Caption Contest!: You think you’re upset? Join in on this caption ‘contest’ and let us know what you think Pete’s thinking! [Download the image]

Letter-writing Campaign: With the revelations from Peter Jackson’s letter to, the only way we are going to reach our goal of having a live-action version of ‘The Hobbit’ from Peter Jackson and his team, is by keeping after the studios who own the rights. []

Talk to other fans: TORn’s chat room and message boards have been humming with activity since the news broke earlier this week. Join in on the fun by meeting other Ringers who are chewing over what might happen next. Please mind the rules, and remember that our discussion areas are family-friendly. [Barliman’s chat room] [TORn message boards]