What better way to make fun of the whacky and over-abundant LOTR merchandising than a Mariachi Sing-Along? This crowd-pleasing segment appeared in the award-winning indie documentary RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS, and now the original, authentic toys and props used in the film are offered on eBay! Check out the Sing-Along from the film (Quicktime required) and throw down your bids to own a piece of indie film history.

Check out this sequence from the film (Quicktime required) and join the auctions!

Small file [100kps]
Large file [800kps]

The entire series of RINGERS eBay auctions are found here:

Gandalf the Grey BURGER KING Toy
VINTAGE Ralph Bakshi Aragorn Finger Puppet
GERMAN Kinder Egg Elrond Toy
GERMAN Kinder Egg Eomer Toy
VERY UNUSUAL Gandalf Diet Coke / McDonald’s Hat Pin
Lurtz Toy Biz Action Figure
Applause ‘Screaming’ Nazgul Coin Bank