Mikeal writes: This Wednesday, Sept. 6, 7 p.m., some Rivendellers & the Minnesota Tolkien Society set will assemble to meet and talk about things Tolkien with Katherine Kohman, who is visiting the area this week.

Ms. Kohman, A.K.A “Celevon Elensar” in the “TheOneRing.net” online community, is author of “Lembas for the Soul: How the Lord of the Rings Enriches Everyday Life”, Longtime Tolkien fan Renee “Arwen” Alper, is quoted about this book which contains “fifty deeply felt tales of newly forged friendships, courage and inspiration, joy and loss. Whether these Ringers’ personal stories make you laugh or move you to tears, you will likely recognize something of your own Lord of the Rings journey within these pages. It’s quite an accomplishment to create an entire world of magic. It’s another to see that world’s magic creating magic of its own in the real world. “Lembas for the Soul” is an amazing compilation of real life people who found their own magic through the writings of Prof. J.R.R. Tolkien. Included therein are some of the most poetic — and the most profound — illustrations of LOTR’s effects on its audiences, both literary and cinematic. Each story is unique, and yet connected to the others by the magic of Middle-earth. I couldn’t put it down! : Renee Alper, Founder/Head of The American Hobbit Association

The meeting will be held in the basement “undercroft” area of Epiphany Episcopal Church in St. Paul, MN 1636 Van Buren Ave. (651) 645-4466.

Directions to location are here. [MNTolkien.com]