TORN Staffer MrCere writes: ATLANTA – Sleep is for babies. Food is for wimps. Rest is for later. DragonCon is on! Thursday felt like Friday in intensity and traffic and Friday felt like Saturday. D*Con is unmatched in its per-capita costumes and its per-costume crazyness. was privledged to be back at the Con mixing with fans and helping to keep Tolkien fandom vibrant and relevant. While smaller than Comic-Con in San Diego it is much more concentrated between two main hotels with something for almost every interest in sci-fi, fantasy and even the rest of pop culture.

TORn was kept busy distributing prizes for those willing to roll some dice and claim free gift cards from, LOTR prizes from SSC and TORn t-shirts. Across the ‘street’ in the fan-club area is the combined table of the Arms of Middle-earth and West of the Moon giving the Tolkien contingent a strong presence again.

The Tolkien track was lively and busy with a full day of programming of various interests but featuring Dr. Anne Petty who peeled back the often overlooked “Roverandum”. Perhaps the social highlight of the day was the Evening at Bree freaturing Emerald Rose, spirited dancing and a brilliant costume contest. My personal choice was the Tom Bombadil and his yellow boots and his fair bride Goldberry. The cleverness of a slightly more obscure costume was a stroke of greatness.

Admittedly, as the only TORn staffer present in an official capacity I was stretched too thin to hear and record the winners and I apologize! I am SURE some guest can give us the update. A gentleman dressed as the Eye of Sauron atop its black tower seemed to be the crowd favorite.

Anne Petty and I teamed up for a tribute to late TORn staffer Balin / Greg and many, many LOTR fans have expressed to me personally their own sense of loss. We raised our glasses to Balin and we remembered our friend. We also miss former track director Jincey and ‘do everything’ Sam who were the backbone of Tolkien fandom at D*Con for many years.

Those who have been to D*Con know that the favorite feature of the event is the fantastic socializing that takes place all over the Con. Social barriers fall as people make new friends and find old ones. Geeks (and I mean that in the best possible way!) dive deep into conversations about things only fandoms can appreciate. Tables of TORn chatters and TORn message boarders mixed and matched, talked and laughed, ate and snorted. And really, the fun never ends!

More to come and TORnados in attendance please send in your photos and reports! My view from the basement is limited and we need your help!