TORN Staffer MrCere writes:

The Dragon is breathing fire already! New TORn gear!

ATLANTA – Its officially only the day before DragonCon but already things here in downtown Atlanta are a bit crazy. On a day when everything is about the check-in, costums are already a common sight, some tables are already set up and tonight in the Hyatt there was a well-attended impromptu drum circle. Cool!

Emerald Rose is warming up its drums and its pennywhistles since they will be playing at least three shows for various segments of the Con including the Tolkien’s Middle-earth Night at Bree. is here to mix with fans and thanks to, we have plenty of loot to hand out FREE! A tip of the cap to the folks at Sideshow for the free gift cards good for values between $10 and $100 on the website.

And, finally, TORn has a new shirt! This is a white one with navy writing that says, (drum roll please) “My House Elf is tall, blonde and proficient with is bow”. TORn will be giving away shirts of various styles from our ‘hall of fame’ while we sell the new style for $20 in sizes S – 2XL while supplies last.

The Tolkien’s Middle-earth track is going strong and Kiran Show has been spotted and photographed already with fans. So, again, the Dragon is waking up and the excitement starts in just a few hours!