Osse from tolkien.cyberdusk.pl writes: I would like to inform you something, what can be interesting for you and your site users..

I have heard about Tolkien opera “Leithian”, and about premiere from your site. But there is something nee. Now there is possibility to hear and download music clips form the opera from Prologue to 7 scene as well as libretto to the opera.

The composer Adam Klein is not allowed to sell the music and make money form it. But he can give free clips or CD with music to some people on the condition that they won’t be sold.. . or use for commercial purposes. I think that he is a great artist and Tolkien lovers and music is much more important for him then money and he want to share his opera with another Tolkien’s fans. Follow this link for samples. [More]

At our site we usually write Polish, but we made a few interviews for example with Ted Nasmith, Anke Eissman, which have also English (oryginal) veriona). If you are interested you can look here. [More]