TheHutt writes: “Mr. Bliss”, a children’s story by J.R.R. Tolkien, has came to life in Russia. The uncommercial society “Tolkien Text Translation” has produced an animated film based on Tolkien’s illustrated book. The animation was created from the original drawings by the Professor himself.

Mr. Bliss, a weird but lovable man with a love for top hats, goes out to buy a motor-car. After trading it in for his bicycle, he decides to visit his friends, the weighty Dorkinses. However, on his way, he is getting out of the frying pan into the fire: numerous car crashes, an encounter with three bears and a night hunt in the woods…

The first screening of Mr. Bliss outside Russia took place on TolkienThing 2006. Another one will be taking place on November 10-12th in Fulda, Germany, at the Ring*Con 2006.

Click here for the trailer