From Garfeimao & the folks at WETA: Weta will be out in force (at San Diego Comic Con) showcasing it’s dynamic Superman Returns collectibles and unveiling the first of our new Hellgate: London statues, based on Flagship Studios’ hotly anticipated new video game. Comic Con will also be your very first chance to view the amazing new Weta Originals. The Weta Originals are like nothing you’ve seen before. Not to be missed! At the stand will be Weta Originals creator and Weta Workshop designer, Greg Broadmore. Greg designed armour, weaponry and creatures for King Kong and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. He will be at Comic Con every day, as will our impressive Kong and Narnia collectibles, so come and meet him and be the first in the world to see his incredible new pieces of art.

In addition, Weta Workshop owner, Richard Taylor will be on and around the stand all day Saturday. The Weta Collectibles team, Jamie, Olivia and Ryan will be on hand to chat and answer questions so stop by to say hello and check out our exciting new Weta branded clothing items, we call them ‘Weta Gear’. And, don’t forget to pick up a copy of the very special, exclusive Comic Con Weta booklet for even more sneak peeks at what’s to come from Weta. Look out for our stand #2615.

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