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  1. San Sebastiàn festival is honoring Viggo Mortensen and here is a 30 minute special *in Spanish*

  2. Here is Obi-Wan himself saying LORD OF THE RINGS is a key inspiration for Star Wars

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Major ‘Dork of the Rings’ News

June 1, 2006 at 6:28 pm by xoanon  - 

Tim Richardson, Director of “The Dork of the Rings” sends this along:


Details are still being worked out, but as it looks right now we will be having the World Premiere of THE DORK OF THE RINGS at GenCon in Indianapolis at 10:00 p.m. on Friday, August 11. GenCon runs from August 10-13 and we’ll have additional screenings, seminars and appearance throughout the event. Their website is and please continue to visit our website for updates. We’ll let everyone know if the premiere time changes for any reason via our website and newsletters.


We now have the footage of LORD OF THE RINGS actor/scale double Kiran Shah, filmed by his nephew Kit. Kiran was gracious enough to do a funny introduction for us to precede the film and he also did some amusing bits for our DORKERS documentary. A very special thanks to Kit and Kiran for being a part of our exciting project. Kiran will be appearing next at The Gathering of the Fellowship in Toronto this July and Dragon*Con in Atlanta in September.


We are proud to announce that the fan film by Mars Productions is the winner of our Dork Fan Film Contest. The young creators of this remarkable film, Ashlee Scott (17) and Rachel Scott (15) have won copies of DORKS GONE WILD! and THE DORK OF THE RINGS. They also get a cameo in THE DORK OF THE RINGS and they’ll appear in DORKERS with excerpts of their fan film. You can view their 12 minute fan film and behind-the-scenes featurette on our website at here.


Check out our next two big previews at these conventions:

GATHERING OF THE FELLOWSHIP – July 1- 4, 2006 in Toronto

ELF 2 in New York

We’ll be having the Canadian and East Coast premieres of our dorkumentary DORKERS at these huge events! Featuring RINGERS filmmaker Cliff Broadway and LORD OF THE RINGS stuntman/scale double Kiran Shah.

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