TORONTO – After months of rehearsals in a shabby warehouse on the edge of the Don River Valley in Toronto, a lavish stage version of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” is coming to life in previews at the Princess of Wales Theatre. If Tolkien’s three-part saga about that elusive ring is one of those mammoth, legendary adventures, a quest to end all quests, it has nothing on the task of turning the author’s lengthy, meticulously detailed world into a piece of theater. Yet, here it comes – a three-hour-plus adaptation of Tolkien’s trilogy. Set for a grand opening March 23, the show has a cast of nearly 60 actors and costs upward of $23 million – and counting. By comparison, “The Phantom of the Opera,” which cost a record $8 million when it opened on Broadway in 1988, would have a $12 million price tag today. [More]