Vincent writes: Well I just saw the premiere THE LORD OF THE RING musical in Toronto. I must say it was quite the project to undertake given the amount of material and story depth. Overall I must say I was quite impressed with the way that it was portrayed. Most of the actors did an admirable job especially those of the Hobbits. However gandalf, being an immensely important character did not posses enough presence needed to pull the whole thing together. The voice was just to soft and weak, and delivery of lines were rushed and unemotional. It is in my opinion that this was the weakest part of the production.

There were a few technical glitches that I am sure they will overcome with time. the stage itself was a round turntable like with many moving pieces which allowed to raise different parts to various levels creating a dynamically changing terrain and allowed quick set changes. the music was incredible and memorable and sure to become a classic indeed.

I highly recommend any and every tolkien fan to watch this production….it was unlike reading or watching middle earth it was like being there!!!