The award winning Lord of the Rings Symphony sounds in Germany

On this years May 28th. the Lord of the Rings Symphony is going to sound in the Kölnarena in Cologne, Germany. This is the opportunity for everyone who would like to experience the musical masterpiece of Howard Shore live. This extraordinary concert event provides a wonderful arrangement of the soundtracks from the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. It’s a symphonical journey through the fantastic world of Tolkien’s phantasy-novels.

The music that is going to be performed that night is, besides being the oscar award winning Soundtrack of Howard Shoe, what the Fan community calls the “musical ring” of the 21st century.

The “Lord of the Rings-Symphony” takes the guests away on a musical trip to middle-earth. The audience will experience a fantastic live concert featuring an impressive mulit-media presentation of the original illustrations and sotryboards by the artists Alan Lee and John Howe.

The music, the impressions and the entire performance let the characters and the images of the film-trilogy become alive in the people’s minds.

The world-famous film music, for which Howard Shore received a Grammy and an Oscar, will be played by the “Neue Philharmonie Westfalen” conducted by Markus Huber, who has done it already several times in numerous cities around the world. The sound of the orchestra will gleam the Kölnarena as well as the voices of the two choires “KölnChor” and “Rheinischer Kammerchor” will. In addition to that the Kölnarena is proud to welcome some well known soloists as well.

This concert event comes to Germany in May 2006! It’s a must see for every single member of the Tolkien-Community. [More]