There is only one reason to be even more excited about the long-awaited return of 24..Sean Astin! Sean Astin has joined the team of the hit show 24, an action-packed drama set around the Los Angeles based government agency CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) starring Kiefer Sutherland. The unique thing about this show is that each episode is only an hour in the show, so each season of 24 episodes is only 1 day..making for a very intense season every time! Kiefer’s character ‘Jack Bauer’ has in the past seasons (called ‘Days’) been forced to almost kill a presidential candidate, saved LA from a nuclear bomb, a killer virus, and more! Watch the first 2 hours unfold tonight (Jan 15th) starting at 8PM, and then 2 more tomorrow (Jan 16th). Hold on to your seat, don’t blink, and expect the unexpected…Jack’s Back! & Sean Astin is with him! [More]

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