Talking Tolkien – A podcast about the Tolkien Society Archives.

Since 1969 the Tolkien Society has been collecting all sorts of items that have been created or inspired by the writings of JRR Tolkien.

In their archives they hold a variety of objects, from paintings by Italian fans to key rings from fast-food chains.

In 2002 Xan Phillips interviewed the Tolkien Society’s archivist Pat Reynolds. Xan was making a two hour radio special which was to air just before the release of ‘The Two Towers’ the second film in Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy.

Thanks to the cinematic triumph of the films the globally perceived images of Frodo and Gollum were to change forever. So how would effect the literature and marketing ephemera surrounding the Professor? – it was an interesting point in ‘Tolkien time’.

The visit to the archives also brought up the opportunity to look at some of the previous items the society had collected, to delve into the history of the books and, of course, talk about Tolkien.

Podcast: Xan Phillips presents
Feature Title: Talking About Tolkien
Running time: 29 minutes
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