Now is as good a time as any to start a Celtic rock band. In an age when Cocteau Twin Elizabeth Fraser’s siren-like linguistics-mangling voice livens the scores of ultra-mainstream The Two Towers, or alternately, sets the mood for Gregg Araki’s angst-laden Mysterious Skin alongside bandmate Robin Guthrie’s chiming guitar, “world music” no longer carries the same cheesy connotations outside of gothic rock’s inner circle. Emerald Rose already has the attention of 4AD record collectors and quiet librarians-turned-new age mysticists, but the band’s sights are set just a little higher as they attempt to reach a broader audience. An exuberant, exciting and passionate four-piece blending traditional Celtic music with their own compositions, Emerald Rose delivers a power-packed collection of songs on Archives of Ages to Come. They have been a hit success at many festivals, parties and holidays in recent years, and have received the honor of performing as the headline act at the Oscar parties for the movies The Two Towers and Return of the King, which they consider a delightful and appropriate opportunity. [More]

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