On this New York early winter morning, the top of the Empire State Building is coated in heavy cloud, the Manhattan streets below are slippery with snow, and the temperature hovers around zero. A few blocks away inside a chintzy hotel room above Park Avenue, Peter Jackson’s own observation deck is stuck in its own mental fog. Granted, he has been a bit busy at work. He nearly always is in December. Though this time last year was relatively light, a bit of a breather after the consecutive releases of the Lord of the Rings trilogy which became the cinematic grand finales of 2001-2003. [More]

Xoanon here, is it me or are all these interviews/articles sounding exactly the same? Yes he lost weight, yes he doesn’t wear glasses anymore, yes he’s tired from hard work, yes he did LOTR, sigh…am I bitter that I didn’t even get to see him while in New York? Most likely…ah well