is delighted to announce that the two guiding lights behind the creation of Ringers: Lord of the Fans will join us for a live Q&A chat in the Hall of Fire on Saturday December 17 at the special time of 5pm EST.

That’s right! Cliff Broadway (aka TORn staffer Quickbeam) and Carlene Cordova (aka TORn staffer Asfaloth) will be on hand to answer your questions about the experience of making Ringers. They will discuss the unique Tolkien community, so vibrant and vital even 50-plus years after Lord of the Rings was first published. They’ll also reveal their thoughts on the ways Lord of the Rings has influenced popular culture around the world over the years. We may even convince them to reveal their film-making experiences.

Ringers, written by Cordova and Broadway, directed by Cordova and narrated by Dominic Monaghan, traces the history of Tolkien fandom from the 50’s to the present day. It examines the way legendary rock musicians, filmmakers, professors, actors, authors and you all unite under the banner of ‘Ringer’. Interviewees in the film include Lord of the Rings trilogy filmmaker Peter Jackson as well as Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Ian McKellen, Sean Astin and David Carradine.

Everyone is welcome to join us for the chat on Saturday December 17 at 5pm EST on the TORn IRC server. However, if you can’t make it, you can still submit a question for Carlene or Cliff, simply by e-mailing it to us at We’ll ask it for you on the day!

You can view the Ringers trailer here or here! ) or choose to install a dedicated chat program such as mIRC on your computer.

To find out more about using mIRC to connect to TORn IRC server, check out these instructions.

Upcoming topics:

Sun December 4 – Silmarillion Ch 15: Of the Noldor in Beleriand
Sat Dec 10 – The Seven Heavenly Virtues in LoTR
Sun Dec 17 – Live Ringers Q&A

NB: Hall of Fire will take a break for Christmas and the New Year and will resume in early January.

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