The folks from the ‘Letters to PJ’ Organising Team write: The ‘Letters to PJ’ is a worldwide fan appreciation project, undertaken by two dedicated fans of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. The ‘Letters to PJ’ book, organised, promoted and compiled throughout the year of 2005, contains letters of appreciation for the films created by director Peter Jackson and all involved. The book is a specially made, plain paged, leather bound hardcover, consisting of original contributions from all willing participants, in the form of e-mails, hand written letters, poems, drawings, photographs etc. Upon completion, the book will be delivered to New Zealand in December (2005)/ January (2006) and passed on to Peter Jackson or associates.

‘Letters to PJ’ has been a chance to show true ‘fanship’ on behalf all fans, differing in age, race, gender etc. yet bound together though their love and dedication towards the Lord of the Rings films. This project has experienced considerable success so far, garnering the attention of fans, well known supporters and even those actively involved in making the Lord of the Rings trilogy, from whom we have received greatly- appreciated and even unexpected support and assistance. Over the months, we as organisers have built a solid foundation for the major action plan of ‘Letters to PJ’ to take place effectively. During the process of this non-profit project, we have created an email account, a .com website, and mailing address, started and maintained contact with a variety of people, as well as keeping up to date with contributors and websites involved.

The appeal of ‘Letters to PJ,’ a challenging but thoroughly rewarding experience, lies in the rare opportunity it presents for Lord of the Rings fans worldwide to join in appreciation and celebration of the labour of some extraordinary filmmakers. If all goes to plan, the book will be completed by the deadline and looking brilliant, full to the brim with creative and genuine expressions of the ‘fanship’ we have been fortunate enough to witness. Very professional, striking and long lasting is the look we anticipate for the finished result. The main hope we have is in the success of the final stages; the ‘Letters to PJ’ project will come to a satisfactory (and exciting!!!) close if a personal exchange with Peter Jackson is possible.

What needs to be achieved is the final search and collection of contributions, the confirmation of certain participants, the organization of contributions, the confirmation of details regarding the New Zealand trip and the compilation of the book, on top of the ongoing task of responding to e-mails and contributors.

As organisers, we can only give our sincerest “thank yous” to everyone involved, for every wonderful, kind, helpful thing they have gone out of their way to do! This project would not be possible without the assistance and support of the Lord of the Rings fan community. Our desire is that the ‘Letters to PJ’ project has an immeasurably awesome, long lasting effect on fans and Peter Jackson alike.