Greetings — Quickbeam here.

Are you interested in attending a premiere screening and charity event for RINGERS in Los Angeles? If so write to: ONLY YOU can help us convince SONY that the fans should have a wonderful premiere party for RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS before it comes out on DVD November 22!! [] We are sending out this EMERGENCY call to action for Southern California Tolkien fans — because YOU showing interest in the event will help make it our break it! The movie you’ve heard so much about, our award-winning documentary RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS, needs your help! If you guys respond over the weekend by writing to us, and tell your local friends to join in, we might succeed in creating another party of special magnificence!

WHAT: RINGERS is trying to put together a big premiere party (it will also be a charity fund-raiser, the select charity is TBD)

WHO: YOU and the creative team behind RINGERS

WHERE: In a major theater in metropolitan Los Angeles

WHEN: Thur., November 17, 2005, in the later afternoon/early evening

WHY: We need to see that we have enough interest from fans in order to hold the event.

WILL ANY LOTR STARS ATTEND?: We have invited them but none have confirmed.

WHAT KIND OF PARTY? WHAT IS INCLUDED?: The details are still being ironed out — but you will be the last audience to EVER see the film RINGERS in full glory in a movie theatre before its home video release. This will be a red-carpet premiere of the film followed by a catered party sure to please the hobbity appetite in all of us. There will be food, drink, and merriment! Details TBD.

TICKET PRICE?: This will be a charity fund-raiser! Therefore these tickets will be in the Oscar party range.


SONY will not confirm this event unless you write us an email, stating you have an interest and how many tickets you would like. WE MUST GET EVERYONE TO WRITE US BY END OF DAY MONDAY, OCT. 17 or this will not happen!

This email is NOT a ticket purchase.

This email is NOT a confirmation that you will buy your ticket.

This email is just to tabulate possible interest.


You need only tell us how many tickets you are certain could be purchased for your groups’ attendance.

Thanks so much for all your continued support!

Watch the front page of and we will update you as we move forward!


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RINGERS is comprehensive, entertaining and informative pop-cultural history!”
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