Were Legolas, Gimli, Merry and Pippin essential to the quest?

This is the question we will be posing in the Hall of Fire this weekend.

Gimli, the stought-hearted dwarf of Erebor. What is the sum of his contribution to the quest? Is it any more than being Legolas’s passenger on the back of Hasufel and helping Gandalf thread a path through the dark depths of Moria?

Then there’s Legolas, the fleet-footed archer of Mirkwood. Did he do any more than ease the passage through Lothlorien and bring down a Nazgul at Sarn Gebir?

What of Pippin, the youngest member of the fellowship? Was his messing with the Palantir that vital in saving Gandalf from exposure to Sauron? Did he in some way help sustain Denethor for longer and help save Minas Tirith – and Frodo? Or was his presence simply a foolish risk — as exposed by his capture at Amon Hen?

And then there’s Merry, leader of the conspiracy to prevent Frodo from running away from Bag End by himself. But apart from ensuring that Frodo got to Bree without falling into Mordor’s hands, how much did he really accomplish?

These are just a few of the questions that we’ll be posing at what’s sure to be a lively Hall of Fire debate this weekend. So come and join us on Sunday October 16 2pm EDT in #thehalloffire on the TORn IRC server.

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Sunday October 16

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