San Francisco: An Evening in Rivendell
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Ringer Celebriel reports on the Greater Bay Area Costumer’s Guild’s special event, An Evening in Rivendell: A secluded lodge in the Oakland hills was transformed Saturday evening into Elrond’s hall, surrounded by woods, lit by candles, and warmed by a bright hearth. Seventy two guests attended, most costumed as elves, but men and women of Rohan and Gondor, a handful of hobbits, a Haradrim mumakil driver, and a Ringwraith were also present.

Dinner featured a Middle-Earth theme, with Master Samwise’s roast chicken a popular entrée. Elves circulated offering chocolate leaves as one of three desserts. After dinner, the Hall of Fire featured renditions of Pippin’s Song and Into the West, accompanied by a harpist, followed by Philip and Kathe Gust’s performance of Theoden’s arming scene from The Two Towers, which brought down the house. (For costume details, please see the tutorial at

The rest of the evening was turned over to the dances, and dancers, of Middle Earth. Those seated with a goblet of wine or a mug of ale watched as the golden circlets, hand sewn embroidery, silks and velvets worn by twirling elves caught flashes of light from the candles and scattered it across the Hall of Fire. It was a magical evening, with friendships renewed and new ones forged.