Chapter 13 of The Silmarillion, Of the Return of the Noldor, takes us back to where we left the Noldorian elves, on the northern shores of Middle Earth. Feanor and his followers making their way inland, exploring and settling. Later, we see Fingolfin and his kin come ashore to the first rising of the Sun, and meeting again with the estranged kin who left them for dead on the ice.

Although there is accord between the two groups, it is shaky at best. Meanwhile, Morgoth tests their strength against his own, sending orc hordes and balrogs and finally Glaurung the Uruloki (firedrake) to challenge the elves. The Noldorian elves are introduced to the elves of Menegroth as well as the Dwarves — who become tentative allies in the peace of this time.

“And even as the Noldor set foot upon the strand, their cries were taken up into the hill and multiplied…” What was the cause or emotion of this clamour?

We see that the arrival of Fingolfin is very unlike that of Feanor. What are the differences and what significance is implied here?

Fingon, while full of despair, attempts a daring rescue of Maedhros with the aid of the eagles. Is this enough to bridge the chasm of the enmity between the two groups of elves? Does Maedhros represent a Christ-like figure?

How is King Thingol regarded by the Noldor? Does the growing involvement with the king hinder the joining of the elves?

Ulmo sends Turgon and Finrod dreams to build strongholds, which they do. What is this interference in the lives of the Noldor by the Valar? Is Ulmo going against the wishes of the Valar by doing this?

The Noldor launch a scattering of cities, mansions and strongholds. Does this establish them with strength throughout the region, or separate them enough so that they become vulnerable to Morgoth’s ever-growing malice?

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