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Celebriel’s report and photo gallery – Dragon*Con Saturday parade and Sunday evening photo op

The Saturday morning parade through the streets of downtown Atlanta, now in its fourth year, is a popular event among all convention attendees, drawing a large contingent of Ringers as well as fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, pirates, and many other book, film, and game franchises. Several thousand other Dragon*Con attendees and Atlanta locals fill the streets, cheering and photographing each contingent. Arms of Middle Earth undertook the organizing of the parade contingent. The hobbits were at the front, followed by a large group of elves, including Galadriel, Arwen, and Legolas, some from the race of men, including Aragorn and Theoden, Haradrim, the Witch King, an entwife, Varda the Valar, Gollum, and even a balrog. Gollum and a Ringwraith dashed about, interacting with both observers on the sidewalks and parade participants.

John Noble (Denethor) was one of the parade marshals, riding in an open car. At the end of the parade, the contingent gathered on the steps of the hotel for a group picture. Count them – there are about 50 people in the photo with John! John and Bruce Hopkins (Gamling) were also available for photos and autographs on the convention’s Walk of Fame for much of the day, along with a host of other celebrities.

Sunday evening, before the convention’s masquerade program, the Lord of the Rings group gathered again in the lobby of the Marriott for a massive photo op, enlivened by re-enactments of several scenes from the films. Hope you enjoy the photo gallery! Questions or feedback? Email me!