Ringer Celebriel talked with Bruce Hopkins at Dragon*Con about his new projects. In February 2005 Bruce formed indiPact Films, an independent film production company based in Auckland, with partner Amarbir Singh. They aim to produce films with private investment and help further expand the country’s film making base. Their plans also include TV series, commercials, and music videos. Mr. Singh comes from Bombay, India but has lived in New Zealand for eight years.

Their first film, “1 nite,” was released on DVD in New Zealand in late July. It was made in 2003 and first shown at the International Film Festival in Auckland in July 2004. At the 2005 New Zealand screen awards the film won the award for Images and Technical Contribution to a Digital Feature (Cristobal Araus Lobos, cinematographer) and was a finalist for the Sony Best Digital Feature award.

“1 nite” is an 80 minute film that tells four stories, all taking place in and around Karangahape Road (“K’Road”) in Auckland in the course of one night. (K’Road is lively, ethnically diverse area with lots of clubs and restaurants.) The film was produced, Bruce explains, with a budget of $400, a crew of two using a hand-held Canon XL1 digital camera, and some willing actors. The cast worked without a formal script and relied on improvisation based on suggestions given by the director and close interaction among the actors. Bruce commented that he’s very comfortable working this way, as he has a good deal of experience in TheatreSports.

IndiPact hopes to reach several target markets for “1 nite,” Bruce explained. His fans and fans of Lord of the Rings are one obvious segment, but they also want to reach film schools and film libraries around the world, given the film’s innovative filmmaking production and storytelling techniques. A third segment is the Indian independent film market, given Amarbir’s Indian background and the large Indian film market.

IndiPact is working to raise $1.5 million to complete their second film, currently titled “P120,” made in a fusion of film and digital. Like “1 nite,” it will be filmed in and around Auckland. This second film traces the story of a character that embarks on a journey to fulfill what he sees as the potential in his life. At his Sunday panel with John Noble, Bruce screened both the trailer for “1 nite” and the teaser for “P120,” giving Ringers a good introduction to indiPact’s work.

Find out more about indiPact Films at indipact.com. You can order the 1 nite DVD, which includes bonus features, online through the website in formats for ALL regions. The price is NZ$29.95, and Bruce and Amarbir will sign it for you if you want!

Bruce is also hosting a New Zealand call-in radio program called “The Dawn Parade” that airs from midnight Saturday to 6 AM Sunday. The show is on a new network called RadioLive and, best of all for Bruce’s worldwide fans, it’s available on the web at radiolive.co.nz. Listeners discuss a different topic each week. Another program feature is called Chance of a Lifetime, in which listeners call in to sing or play music, sharing their talents with the community. One blind singer who phones in regularly so impressed Bruce that he put him in touch with a major New Zealand sports team, with the idea of singing the national anthem at games. Ian Brodie, author of The Lord of the Rings location guide, was also a recent visitor.

As many Ringers know, Bruce is very generous with his time and makes himself available to fans at various gatherings. He explains, “My experience in the films was so wonderful, I don’t mind reflecting on it.” Be sure to also visit Bruce’s official website at bruce-hopkins.com for all the latest news on his work and appearances.