MrCere writes: ATLANTA – and is right in the middle of the action of a typical hot and heavy opening day of Dragon-Con. KiKn (appropriately) kicked off the show’s opening at 1 p.m. with an advanced look at Peter Jackson’s King Kong.

Despite drawing one of the worst time slots for the convention – while scads of people are still arriving and cabs and limos are blocking the enterance two the two principal hotels of the convention – KiKn played to a packed house with a montage of produciton diaries, a trailer dissection and casting of the film.

Ringers: Lord of the Fans shared the website booth helping to promote TORn and satisfy the still hungry LOTR fans. Ringers aced a presentation of its own, discussing the Rock & Roll aspects of Tolkien fandom.

In the evening Tolkien fandom gathered for a Night in Bree celebrating the release of the new Emerald Rose CD with the band playing live to celebrate the release. The event also featured a costume contest with the best of Tolkien costume fandom on display with a contest. (Pictures coming soon!)

Sleep and rest are a luxury with festivities of gaming, costume exhibitions and all sorts going on late into the evening. TheOneRing and promise to report in as often and in as much detail as possible.

On a happy note, Pirate Jack Sparrow was discovered to have pirated away banner from last year (and we thought it was lost!) but after promises of gold dublins in exchange for his hostage of one year, the banner will be back in the hands of the site. We do wish you were all here and hope to see many more next time!