On Sunday, August 28, Jeanine Renne will be signing her book, When A Fan Hits the Sh**, at the Plaza Venezia Barnes and Noble in Orlando, Florida, from 5-7 PM.

Sean Astin, who is part of the story, has autographed 110 copies of WAF in advance for this event. These autographed books will be sold to the first 110 people who make an additional donation to charity on the spot.

WAF is a true-crime/comedy about a pair of con artists that swindled LOTR fans and celebrities worldwide in 2003, with their phony charity, “Bit of Earth.” BoE raised thousands of dollars in the name of the nonprofit organization, “Reading is Fundamental,” but never gave RIF the donations.

“No one even suspected that Bit of Earth wasn’t legitimate, because they used RIF’s name so blatantly,” said Renne. “Everyone knows you don’t raise funds like that without permission!”

An online donation setup will be available at the booksigning event. “I want everyone to feel 100% confident that this time, their money really is going to charity!” said Renne.