The Barrow Dock Museum will undergo a slight change of scenery this summer, when works of art by fantasy art guru Geoff Taylor will be the subject of a major new exhibition at the museum from 12th August -16th October 2005.

Fantasy art lovers will need no introduction to Geoff, who illustrated all three books in JRR Tolkein’s the Lord of the Rings trilogy in 1999. The list of Geoff’s published cover illustrations reads like a whose-who of modern literature, he has illustrated book covers for such literary giants as Raymond E Feist, Isaac Asimov, Phillip K Dick, Daniel Defoe and Katherine Kerr, to name but a few.

Geoff has been looking forward to the exhibition, which is entitled “Wolves, Princesses and Dragons”, and renewing his links with Cumbria. As Geoff reveals, the county has been something of an inspiration regarding his works of art.

“About three years ago I was contacted by The Barrow Dock Museum to see if I would be interested in having an exhibition. Someone who had bought a wolf print called “The Last Wolf” put the idea forward to the Exhibition Organiser I went along for an interview with my portfolio and I was offered these dates for this exhibition.

“The Last Wolf” painting (now sold) was inspired by the tale of the last wolf in England which was reputedly killed in the 14th Century at Humphrey Head, Cumbria. I read the epic poem by Mrs Jerome Mercier and chose a few lines from her writing to include in the print.

“Although I was born in Lancaster and have moved around the country I settled in Arnside around eight years ago, just within the border to Cumbria so you could say I am a Lancastrian/Cumbrian Artist!”

The exhibition, which is free to enter, will showcase around 50 pieces of artwork from the three different styles or genres that Geoff is best known for – wildlife paintings of wolves, fantasy artwork for bookcovers, and Illustrations, which in recent times has come to include work for “Games Workshop” and their “White Dwarf” magazine, the largest role playing science fantasy gaming company in the world.

All work on display will be for sale, which will include numbered and signed limited edition of prints of each of the images Geoff painted for Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds album. Geoff has a license to print 195 copies of his illustrations from War of the Worlds, and four framed number one prints of Geoff’s works titled: “Panic in the Streets”, “The Red Weed”, “Brave New World” and “Dead London” will be on display and the other 194 will be available for sale at the Dock Museum. Anyone having just finished watching the Tom Cruise movie can now take home a classic piece of memorabilia from the original album, which has just gone straight into the top 10 UK Album sales following its re-release in June.

Fans of Raymond E Feist will also be glad to know that the cover illustration called “Rage of a Demon King” original will be for sale at the exhibition, along with an additional picture of the bookjacket.

Also on display at the museum and available to buy will be four pen and ink drawing illustrations of “Wolf” from the book “Wolf Brother” a bestselling children’s book by Michelle Paver, which is shortly to be made into a Hollywood movie by Ridley Scott.

The Barrow Dock Museum