Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s interesting and fun to play ‘what if?’. That’s why this weekend, we’re asking you ‘What if Gollum had lived?’. At the climax of the Return of the King, Frodo claims the ring for himself, Gollum grabs him and bites off Frodo’s finger. The Precious is his! But as Gollum holds up both ring and finger triumphantly, he slips, dropping both the Ring and Frodo’s finger into the fire. Yet he doesn’t fall in himself. What happens next?

Perhaps Gollum, in despair or desperation, jumps in after the Ring?

Perhaps he dies more or less straight away because the power of the ring which kept him alive for so much longer than normal is gone?

Perhaps, when the Eagles rescue Sam and Frodo, they leave Gollum to the fire?

Or perhaps, the Eagles rescue Gollum along with Sam and Frodo. After spending time in Imladris or maybe in Hobbiton, he is granted passage into the Uttermost West to seek final healing with Frodo.

Which of these do you think is possible? Which is not? And why?

Or perhaps you have another idea of your own!

Regardless, feel free to join us on the TORn IRC server this Saturday July 2 from 5.30pm EDT in #thehalloffire to share your thoughts!

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Saturday July 2

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