Fantasy fiction has become a dominant force in modern society.

In a time of 15-second attention spans, the longevity of Lord of the Rings shows little sign of abating. And since bursting onto the silver screen in 1977, Star Wars has grabbed and held the imagination of generations of fans.

This weekend in Hall of Fire, we’ll be asking you what it is about these two tales that has created such an enduring passion amongst their devotees to the extent that each appears to have become a world-wide phenomenon.

Is it the themes they encapsulate? Good and evil? Respect for nature? Implicit religious aspects and pseudo-mysticism? Or is just because – at heart – they’re quintessential quest tales where you can tune in, watch the good guys beat up the bad guys, and witness the triumph of the little guy against seemingly insurmountable odds?

Do they have fundamentally different audiences, or is there an overlap?

And what sort of effect have they had on their fans and on popular culture in general? Are they truly universal in nature, or do we overestimate their impact on the collective consciousness?

And which will prove more enduring? Indeed, can we expect that in 50 or a hundred years people will still care about LoTR or Star Wars, or will they have faded from consciousness totally?

Join us on the TORn IRC server this Saturday June 12 in #thehalloffire as we discuss whether or not Lord of the Rings is really unfilmable.

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Sunday June 12

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Special guest – LoTR stunt and body double Kiran Shah
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– Sunday June 26
– Saturday July 2

“Silmarillion Chapter 10 – Of the Sindar”
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