Dork of the Rings cast at Tolcon 2005
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Tim Richardson, Director of “The Dork of the Rings” writes: After weeks of mind-numbing preparation, my follow dorks and I descended on Seattle for their annual Tolkien convention May 13-15, 2005.

We appeared as Special Guests and ran two panel discussions on the making of THE DORK OF THE RINGS. We also had a promotional booth where we ran video clips and people could be harassed by characters from the movie including Randolf, Frudo, Martha the Steward and a Nosedrool. We also premiered our finished trailer at their FanFilm Exhibition.

Those who made the trip with me included Ian Strandberg (Art Coordinator), Justus Post (A.D./Audio Engineer), James Pickens (Producer/Technical Director), Michael Kouroubetes (Writer/Producer), Bryce Cone (Frudo), David Kiefer (Randolf) and Kay Eller (Martha the Steward).

We got to hobnob with a variety of fans of THE LORD OF THE RINGS and our Nosedrool’s large proboscis attracted the attention of three lovely young Canadian girls. Randolf also attempted to convince the door woman outside the $50 a plate Feast of Rohan to dump some hobbit stew in his wizard’s hat but to no avail.

There were several Guests of Honor who we got to chat with including Kirin Shah who was Elijah Wood’s scale double throughout the trilogy. It was pretty cool to be able to snap a photo of him chatting it up with our Frudo-words can’t describe was like some strange real-world/movie-world dimensional overlap where the parody Frodo meets the real life Frodo body double. My head hurts.

Peter Lyon was wonderful to meet and chit chat with. He designed and built many of the “hero swords” for the trilogy and continues to work for the WETA workshop in New Zealand. He got a real kick out of our movie and we gave him an autographed DOTR shirt and promo CD to take back to show Richard Taylor and the gang. So who knows-maybe Peterson Jackson himself will hear about our production. We look forward to the lawsuit

A special “thank you” goes to Rebekah Washington (who arranged our appearance at the event) and all her staff. We enjoyed infesting your terrific event with our lovable dorkness. Hope to see you again next year!