‘After a time a great concourse gathered around the Ring of Doom; and the Valar sat in shadow, for it was night. But the stars of Varda now glimmered overhead, and the air was clear; for the winds of Manwe had driven away the vapours of death and rolled back the shadows of the sea.’ The Silmarillion

The Two Trees are destroyed and Morgoth has fled. Yet, even as the Valar and the Elves mourn, the Powers ask Feanor to sacrifice the Silmarils so the Two Trees might be resurrected by Yavanna.

But does Manwe understand the gravity of what he’s asking for? Or are the Powers the thieves that Feanor believes?

Regardless, the request, coupled with the news of Finwe’s violent death before the doors of Formenos, seems to set in train an unstoppable sequence of events that sends Feanor and the Noldor into total revolt. Even the thought of having to slay their own kin can halt the Feanor, his sons and the rest of the Noldor from their vengeful course.

Join us Saturday May 7 in #thehalloffire as we dicuss The Silmarillion Chapter 9 – Of the flight of the Noldor!

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Saturday May 7

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“Silmarillion Chapter 9 – Of the Flight of the Noldor”
– Saturday May 7
– Sunday May 15

“Is LoTR unfilmable? Was Tolkien right?”
– Saturday May 21
– Sunday May 29

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