John Howe Book Signing: Kitchener, Ontario
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Ruth writes: I am writing about the John Howe weekend in Kitchener, Ontario. The Chapters bookstore was filled with dedicated fans wanting to chat with the famous illustrator. I happened to arrive an hour and a half prior to the book signing and there was already a long line up. It was fasinating chatting with LOTR fans. One of the men in line with me came on behalf of his wife. She couldn’t make it due to work schedule and he came in her place. Each fan had an opportunity to purchase his book: Myths and Magic ; the maps of Middle Earth, or other artwork. This lovely gentleman bought all three for his wife, what a great husband. I personally bought the book, Myths and Magic which showcases his work with LOTR and other illustrations.

As the time drew near, it felt as if we were going to see Santa Clause. John Howe and his desk was located on the upper level and the fans waited one by one at the bottom of the stairs with anticipation. The gentleman before me went up and John signed all three purchases for his wife. We watched in amazment as he drew the One Ring in pencil and sign it. Now it was my turn. I walked up the steps with my husband and two children in awe of his talent. I told him how my children enjoyed watching him draw the One Ring. His reply was that he was unable to draw for everyone, so he asked us to crowd around the table so no one else would see and he drew Gandalf before our very eyes! It was wonderful. He spoke to my children and encouraged them to keep going in their art and to not give up. We found him very personable and approachable–a very kind man.

Needless to say our visit with John Howe was a memorable one

Thank you for the heads up on the book signing. If it wasn’t for your web-site, I probably would not have had the opportunity to go.