Son of Aragorn writes: On Tuesday night (April 26th), Sean Astin appeared at a banquet at the National Conference on Family Literacy in Louisville, Kentucky. His wife, Christine, and their two daughters appeared with him. After the banquet he was available for autographs (after the purchase of his new book There and Back Again: an Actor’s Tale, which I gladly paid for). Upon standing up for the picture he exclaimed, “God, you’re tall! Why is he so tall? I object!” He was personable and seemed to have an absolute blast both at the banquet and during the autograph session. He took time for pictures with everyone who wanted one, invested time in conversations with just about all of us, and really came across as genuine and down-to-earth.

Sean is the Verison Literacy Champion for the National Center for Family Literacy, based in Louisville. His objective is to help promote the importance of family literacy services for families in need, as well as encourage businesses and the public to support NCFL through volunteerism and donations. He is also a member of NCFL’s Board of Advisors. He has recorded three PSA’s for NCFL, and they are available to view at