‘The War of the Ring’ Web Campaign for The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game to Launch Summer 2005

This summer, Games Workshop Hobbyists in the UK will get the chance to take part in “The War of The Ring” web campaign. The campaign gives hobbyists the chance to decide the fate of Middle-earth! Will the efforts of the Fellowship be futile with the forces of evil overrunning Middle-earth destroying anything good that stands in their path; or will the forces of good rally together and drive out the dark forces allowing Middle-earth to return to peace once more? The fate of Middle-earth will be decided!

The War of the Ring website (www.thewarofthering.co.uk) will be at the centre of the campaign with hobbyists registering their game results, following the campaigns progress and talking tactics! The website will have the following features:

  • Interactive Map – where you can explore Middle-earth, find out information about the progress of the campaign and post your gaming results.
  • Forums – Here you can discuss tactics, battle plans and where to post your results.
  • Hobby Articles – Giving tips on gaming, painting, converting and terrain building.

Important dates for this site:

  • 1st of May website goes live for browsing and registration
  • 1st June the first results can be posted
  • 31st of August the end of the campaign
  • September the results of the campaign will be posted

Events and activity around the UK

During the summer there will be coordinated activities around the UK:

  • Daily gaming, painting and modelling in Games Workshop Hobby Centres
  • The Wrath of Umbar roadshow will be visiting selected Games Workshop stores and independent stockists where participants will have a chance to pick up a special edition Gimli on Uruk-Hai model and participate in special hobby activities.
  • Warhammer World will also be hosting ‘The Battle for Rohan’, a campaign weekend on the 16th and 17th of July
  • White Dwarf, Games Workshops hobby publication will be giving away a free campaign map of Middle-earth with issue 305

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