Margaret writes: I just wanted to let your web site know that “Evilenko,” a feature film staring Malcolm McDowell, Marton Csokas (Celeborn) and Ronald Pickup was just shown at the Philadelphia Film Festival.

It is a thriller (loosely based on a true story) about a Russian serial killer/raper/eater of children and young women in the 1980’s. McDowell plays the villain, and Csokas plays a magistrate/detective Vadim Timorovic Lesiev, who hunts him.

Martin Csokas gets to show off his excellent physique in a bizarre nude scene. The film was more interesting than good, and not really for the faint of heart. Martin Csokas appeared both with McDowell at the first screening on Saturday, April 16, but also with the director on Sunday, April 17. I was unable to remain for the Q & A afterwards due to rushing to another film.