HobbitRinger writes: I just got back from a packed weekend at the Philly Film Festival, and I must tell you, it was fantastic. Great movies, comfy theaters (leather seats are awesome), and the premiere of Shooting Livien, which I was anticipating, not only because of Dominic Monaghan, but also because the story looked like it had promise to be a Requiem for a Dream-esque movie. But sadly I was wrong about this movie.

The entire movie was centered on one guy, John Livien (Jason Behr), but the character is so boring and such an asshole to everybody, that you just didn’t care about anything he did. There were only 3 good things about this movie: the cinematography, and the two bandmates, played by Dominic and Joshua Leonard (of Blair Witch fame), who felt like real people, and were really entertaining to watch.

It was only 90 min., but it felt at least 30 min. longer than it should have been. It dragged, trying to confuse the audience with a subplot involving John and his mother, but the director went nowhere with it. This had the potential to become a great film, but a muddled script and boring characters dragged it down. Disappointing.