Michael Meads from the Neonatal Trust writes: I am a trustee of a charitable organization called the NeoNatal Trust, based in Wellington NZ. We are responsible for raising funds to buy life support equipment for premature babies and to give support and guidance to those parents and families of babies that have a difficult start to life.

We have been gifted two reproductions of John Howe’s “Barad-Dur” Giclee and film strip collectable plus “Gandalf on Gwaihir over Helm’s Deep” by Alan Lee.

We are currently Auctioning these two stunning pieces of art with trademe.co.nz. The Auction closes 22nd April.

If you go to trademe.co.nz (Trademe is an Auction site like Ebay) and search “neonatal trust” on their site the Charity Auction will come up with all of the detail about the art, how to make a bid and so on.