Elrond’s heart forbade him going with the Fellowship; Gandalf encouraged him to throw himself down a well as a preventative measure against stupidity. This weekend in Hall of Fire, we discuss Pippin Took: Bold, hard halfling or piece of luggage?

Pippin, as Peregrin Took was universally known, was the youngest (and perhaps most reluctantly accepted) of the Fellowship. He was only twenty-eight when he set out with Frodo and Sam from Bag End on the first part of their great journey — quite young for a Hobbit.

What does this say about the character of Peregrin Took?

Initially, Pippin seemed singularly unsuited to the long, dangerous journey. Early on, we see him calling for rests, complaining about the lack of food and generally acting more like he’s part of a Sunday stroll through the Shire than a dangerous trek with an uncertain ending.

However, things change at Henneth Annun. Through the sacrifice of Boromir, his captivity with the orcs of the White Hand and subsequent events with the Palantir and Denethor, we see a wiser, less naive Pippin emerge — the future Thain of the Shire.

What was Pippin’s purpose in the Fellowship, and indeed his role in the greater arena of the War of the Ring? Was it a simply a case of making up the numbers? Or something more?

Join us this weekend as we discuss all things Pippin in Hall of Fire!

Time and date:
Saturday March 26

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