New Boromir Clothing Line
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Dimenthoniel here. I have been on the site a few times here and there. Anyway, last month, I did a photo shoot for the new Boromir clothing line being released from Museum Replicas. New Line authorized the line of clothing in September, but production of the items did not begin until last month. As a vendor for Museum Replicas, I had the wonderful chance to be Boromir for a day, as I was willing to do the job for free and had a hand in the design process first-hand. It was great to be able to etch my own little place in LOTR history by posing as Boromir for the upcoming catalogues.

The beginnings of this was the DIY Boromir I did a couple of Halloweens ago on One Ring. After months of persistant pursuit and assistance with the final design idea, Museum Replicas finally got authorized by New Line to do this. I worked super-hard to get this ensemble out there, and I am glad my work paid off! There is quite a story about it, as I kept a journal about what happened during the entire process. There is much more than would be expected. LOL.

The outfit was made to WETA Workshop specifications, with the actual design templates being sent to MRL from New Zealand. The garment consists of several layers, just as the original. The embroidered burgundy cotehardie is worn over the steel chainmail and cotton-padded gambeson. The leather surcoat is next, followed by an optional cloak in grey or green. The horn is not available (as it is my personal one), but the sword is. The vambracers are dual-layered, just as the originals. The gauntlets, boots, and belt are also true to form. No word on the buckler being made anywhere currently. I can go into more detail if you would like at some point.

I am attaching a few pictures for you. These are not published anywhere, and will not be until probably the May issue of the MRL catalogue. Since it is me in the pictures, I give you permission to use them on your site if you wish. You’ll have them out there before the catlogue does! LOL!