Even though many of his papers and Middle-earth tales were published posthumously, JRR Tolkien wrote prolifically throughout his life. Nevertheless, there remain huge gaps in many of his stories.

So this weekend we’re going to ask ourselves: ‘If you could commission Tolkien to write more on one thing, what would it have been and why?’

Stories such as the origins of the cats of Queen Beruthiel (which is reduced to little more than a few lines in LoTR), the travels and fate of the Blue Wizards or the early adventures of Thorongil/Aragorn.

Perhaps you might have liked some tales of the Fourth Age — the dwarves at Aglarond, the elves in Ithilien or the glory days of Gondor under Aragorn.

Hobbit fans might want to know the details of the founding of the Shire, or the life of the Bullroarer and the Long Winter. Or maybe you’d like to understand better what drove the Dunedain of the north to self destruct and what they did in their long years in the Wild.

Which periods do you think it was a tragedy that Tolkien left unplugged? What enigmatic vistas intrigue you the most?

Join us this weekend for: ‘Stories never told: If it had been possible what further books or tales would you have liked JRR Tolkien to write?’

Time and date:

Sunday March 6

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