The folks from write: Within the last few days we welcomed world reknown Tolkien-illustrator Ted Nasmith to the event, today we are happy to announce from Now that Ancanar development is in full swing, a brand new trailer will be premiered at Ringbearer’s Day this March, featuring a full scene from the newly completed script! Soon after, it will be screened here on In addition, a special guest composer will be providing music to the new trailer – none other than Grammy Award nominee David Arkenstone!

Stay tuned to for more information as March 19th draws closer.

In regards to Ancanar from NY Tolkien Society Chairs Anthony S Burdge and Jessica Burke posted on (Feb.3rd 2005)

The Road to Rammoth

Greetings All–

I just logged onto and must say how happy we are to see the wonderful news regarding the Development trailer and guest composer David Arkenstone.

At last years Ringbearers Day we were all treated to a fantastic talk and showing of Ancanar footage–this year, as you can see in the news, a new trailer with a scene from the script and new music will be premiered at the event. I cannot say how exciting this is as an organizer of RBD 2005. Ancanar has always been a part of my heart and soul’s journey, the work, the dedication and belief the entire cast and crew has in this project is just amazing. We, at the NY Tolkien Society, have the utmost respect for everyone involved in this project, their love for their “sub-creation” as Tolkien would put it, and the respect they have for their inspiration, Tolkien, is so heartwarming, that it brings joy and tears of glee to the soul. It is our hope that at Ringbearers Day 2005 that everyone will leave with the enchantment, joy, and awe that we feel everytime we discuss Ancanar, read its tales or watch the first trailer and footage. The work that has gone into this film, its books of lore and development, is the only film/tales, outside of Tolkien, in our opinon, that is the best representation of the Tolkien’s definition of sub-creation.