Hi all,

Kathy and I have made it safe and sound here in Pasadena. After a slightly rough morning…and a longer drive that we could have thought we checked into the wonderful hotel and made our way to ORC, already in full swing.

I reunited with Tehanu working at the Red Carpet Tours booth, not 5 yards from Calisuri working at the Sideshow/WETA booth. Corvar was in tow as well and it was a great reunion.

As we first arrived the RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS panel was the main attraction of the moment. Dominic Monaghan was on stage wowing the crowd and answering questions. Later Producer Tom DeSanto, Director Carlene Cordova, Dominic Monaghan and Cliff Broadway (Quickbeam) took the stage to talk about the production. Fans were treated to small clips from the film, and were all but virtually promised ad theatrical release sometime soon!

Kathy and I then took a tour of the art exhibit and dealers booths, there is some amazing stuff on sale there! I already saw my wallet burning a hole through my pants so I needed to move on quick (that life-size replica of Hellboy’s “Samaratin” gun…ohhhman!! I purchased some ORC memorabillia such as a shot glass and a mug, always handy.

Cathy, the head honcho and main co-ordinator of the event then took Bill and I aside and asked us if we wanted to volunteer for a job…so we did. Turns out the job was to sit with Dominic Monaghan for almost 3 hours while he signed autographs for the fans!

I’m not normally a gushing fanboy, but Dom is so amazingly cool in Lost, and all his work on ‘RINGERS’ (which you haven’t seen yet…but is REALLY cool!) so I was excited to be able to pal around with him for a while!

Of course my official job was the ensure that the fans had the proper tickets and that all items were readily available for Dom to sign…but c’mon! This was a chance of a lifetime, so I joked around with him and asked him some great questions…he really is as nice a guy as people think he is, weither you meet him for 30 seconds or 30 minutes.

Right now I’m sitting in my hotel room taking a short break before heading back to the con for the WORLD WITHOUT SUNDAYS concert, and to snap some more footage and photos for you guys!

More news soon!