Many surprises are in store for Ringer fans attending TORn’s big ORC event next January! The filmmakers behind Ringers: Lord of the Fans will be hosting a panel at the upcoming One Ring Convention (ORC) in Pasadena, CA. The panel will be held on Friday, January 14th, and will include an in-depth discussion, as well as sneak peaks at various clips from Ringers: Lord of the Fans. This will be the first and last opportunity to catch a glimpse of Ringers before the film has its World Premiere in Park City, Utah the following week. Joining the filmmakers on the panel will be our Ringers celebrity narrator, Dominic Monaghan. In addition to the Ringers panel on Friday, the filmmakers will be present at the convention throughout the entire weekend, welcoming fans to their booth on the convention floor. This will be a great opportunity for fans to meet and greet the filmmakers, and to purchase all kinds of merchandise from the film.

Everyone’s favorite Master of Ceremonies will be on hand– yes, Cliff Broadway “Quickbeam” himself, who hosted TORN’s famous Oscar Parties. Cliff will be MC for several events throughout the ORC weekend. In addition, one of the indie rock bands on the Ringers soundtrack, World Without Sundays, will be performing live at the convention on Friday, January 14th. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the band tear up the stage with their new, alternative rock version of the cult classic song, “Where There’s a Whip, There’s a Way,” which is one of many updated LOTR songs appearing on the Ringers soundtrack click here for more details.

Several of the LOTR cast members featured in the documentary, Ringers: Lord of the Fans, will be attending the ORC as well, including Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, and John Rhys-Davies. The convention, which is being organized by and Creation Entertainment, should make for a fun filled weekend for Ringers everywhere.

Ringers: Lord of the Fans
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