Update from the Minnesota Tolkien Society: The Church of the Open Door who is having the Return of the Trilogy event on December 31st in Maple Grove, MN has heard from many fans who for one reason or another cannot attend the entire event and are interested in seeing Return of the King Extended Edition (ROTK EE) only on the big screen in surround sound. In response, on December 14th, they converted a LIMITED number of trilogy tickets to ROTK EE only. ROTK starts at 5pm and is $8.

For just $7 more, you are able to secure your spot for the Return of the King including the Two Towers, and the Fellowship of the Ring.

From the December Minnesota Tolkien Society Newsletter:

How many of you remember Trilogy Tuesday? If you remember it with a smile, it’s because you, or a friend, waited outside for 3+ hours to make sure you were one of the first 80 people in line to buy tickets. If you remember it with a tinge of regret, it’s because you missed out on the best, single-day movie experience to date. – Don’t let it happen again! This time it is bigger (in terms of screen and seating capacity), and longer with 50 minutes of film footage never-before-seen on the big screen. Here it is, the event we have all been waiting for since Trilogy Tuesday: ALL THREE EXTENDED-EDITION MOVIES BACK-TO-BACK-TO-BACK!!! With Thanksgiving and the busiest shopping weekend of the year behind us, now is the time to prepare for the holidays and the new year. Do not let this opportunity pass you by: Secure your spot now.

Do not forget to reserve your seat(s) at the King’s Feast and Elevenses. Elevenses is a box lunch between FOTR and TTT. The King’s Feast is an event worth attending even if you can’t make the movies! You will be welcomed into the Golden Hall of Edoras (a large candle-lit medieval space) for a feast fit only for a King and his court. The catered menu includes roasted pig, chicken legs, green beans, baked beans, cornbread, fresh fruit, and more. With only an hour between movies this is the perfect option for dinner for any royal subject or guest of honor. Because both meals are catered, tickets will only be available until December 20th.

Tickets for either movie package and both meals can be purchased separately from www.thedoor.org/lotr