If you already have your copy of the Return of the King Extended Edition, you’ve probably worn it out by now.

And we bet you’re burning to talk about the additional footage: how well it works, whether it fits in and how well it adds to the overall storyline.

That’s why this weekend in Hall of Fire, we’re having a special session on the Return of the King Extended Edition: ‘Return of the King EE: Are you satisfied now?’

Come along and join and give us your opinion!

Upcoming topics

Dec 26 Only:
Share Your Story ­ What Tolkien Means to Me.

Jan 1 and 2:
Q and A with the Hall of Fire staff ­ You ask / we answer

Jan 8 and 9:
The Power of Song in Tolkien

Jan 16 and 17:
The Silmarillion ­ Ainulindale & the Valaquenta

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