Alan Lee Booksigning Tour: Philadelphia
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AnneMarie writes: I attended the presentation/booksigning of Mr. Alan Lee at the Free Library Of Philadelphia yesterday and would like to share these images with you all. Unfortunately, they did not allow photography in the auditorium during the presentation, so I only got these of Alan signing books.

The event started off with a library employee introducing Mr. Lee, and they he came onstage. Alan talked about ten minutes giving us some background on his life growing up, and then proceeded with a slide show which lasted about a half hour. The images presented during the slide show included original unfinished sketches, finished paintings and photos he took during production of the movie. There where a couple of funny moments when the slides where upsidedown which provided some comic relief. After the slideshow presentation there was a brief Q&A, which in my opinion was way too short, probably due to time constraints as the was quite a line building up for the actual signing of Alan’s work. I asked a question, but had at least ten more in my head I would have loved to ask, and there were many around me who had their hands raised but did not get called on before it was all over. Alan was gracious and humble, and even seemed a bit shy speaking in public. I did record the whole presentation, and will provide a transcript of it when I get time to transcribe it. It might take me some time though so be patient. All is all it was a great experience and an honor just to be in the same room as such an extraordinary artist and person as Mr. Alan Lee.